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1967-68 Camaro Chevelle El Camino Firebird GTO Tilt Floor Shift Steering Column - Paintable Steel

Retrofit 1967-68 Camaro Chevelle El Camino Firebird GTO Tilt Floor Shift Steering Column - Paintable Steel
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This retrofit column is designed to fit your Camaro Chevelle El Camino Firebird GTO and does NOT require modification to your original vehicle to install. Simply remove your old column, saving your original under dash mount and floor mount. Using an ididit installation kit install your new steering column in place of the old. Using an adaptor, add an aftermarket wheel and the gripping surface of the new wheel will be in the same location as the original. Each column comes complete with a wiring harness adaptor.

Installation Kits

1964-72 Chevelle/El Camino/GTO - Tilt Floor Shift - Installation Kits

Retrofit Series

Deluxe Kit
This kit includes all the necessary parts you will need to install the column to the gearbox. All you need to know is the diameter of the gearbox input shaft and the number of splines.

Econo Kit
We had the builder on a budget in mind when we designed this kit. The original joint and intermediate shaft are used. The shaft will need to be cut and modified to match the 3/4" DD coupler. Due to age, the original rag joint may be worn so please double check to make sure it is in good condition. ididit, inc. always recommends replacing the rag joint.

Original Harness
For vehicles with an original factory harness, a 4-way flasher kit is included in your installation kit.  This 4-way flasher kit will not only add safety to your vehicle, but will also convert your original wiring harness to the 3 7/8" plug found on your ididit column. (Only neccessary for 1964-66.)

Aftermarket Harness
Many aftermarket wiring companies offer replacement harnesses that incorporate a 4-way flasher unit as well as the flat 3 7/8" plug.  If you are using one of these harnesses, a 4-way flasher kit is not necessary.

Contents Coupler/Shaft/Rag Joint/Flasher Kit Coupler/Shaft/Rag Joint
Gearbox Input Shaft Manual 3/4"-30 Manual 3/4"-36 Power 13/16"-36 Manual 3/4"-30 Manual 3/4"-36 Power 13/16"-36
1964* 3006001003 3006002003 * 3006001000 3006002000 *
1965 3006001003 3006002003 3006003003 3006001000 3006002000 3006003000
1966 3006004003 3006005003 3006006003 3006004000 3006005000 3006006000
1967-68 See AFTERMARKET HARNESS part numbers 3006007000 3006008000 3006009000
1969-72** See AFTERMARKET HARNESS part numbers 3011007000 3011008000 3011009000


Contents Coupler/Flasher Kit Coupler Only
1964* 3001001003 3000313449
1965 3001001003 3000313449
1966 3001002003 3000315249

* Power assisted manual gear boxes were used. Please refer to manual shaft sizes.
** 1969-72 kit contains U-Joint, Rag Joint and Collapsible Intermediate Shaft only


Individual Kit Components (not necessary if ordering an installation kit)


Use the coupler to connect the intermediate shaft to the ididit column

3/4"-36 X 3/4"DD 3000313449
1"DD X 3/4"DD 3000315249
1"-48 X 3/4"DD 3000314349

Rag Joint

A vibration reducer used between your intermediate shaft and gearbox. Included in Deluxe Kits.

1964*, 1965-68
Manual (3/4"DD x 3/4"-30) 3000054931
Manual (3/4"DD x 3/4"-36) 3000053449
Power (3/4"DD x 13/16"-36) 3000054940
*Power assisted manual gear boxes were used. Please refer to manual shaft sizes.

Manual (1"DD x 3/4"-30) 3000055231
Manual (1"DD x 3/4"-36) 3000053452
Power (1"DD x 13/16"-36) 3000055240

Universal Joint

A u-joint is used to connect the intermediate shaft and the column.

1969-72 Only (1"-48 x 3/4"DD) 3000014349

4-Way Flasher Kit

This wiring kit is used to adapt your stock wiring to your ididit column, while adding the safety of a 4-way flasher to your vehicle. Included in kits using factory wiring.

1964-66 3100037542

Modified Shaft

If you are using your original manual box and purchasing the Econo Kit, you will need to cut and modify your 3/4" round shaft into what is referred to as a DD shape.
Necessary with ALL Econo installation kits.

Intermediate Shaft

This mild steel shaft is cut to length and installed in the rag joint & u-joint. Set screws lock it in place. The 3/4" DD shape offers a safe & inexpensive way to replace your old shaft. Included in Deluxe Kits. A collapsible shaft is included with the 1969-72 installation kit. This shaft is also available for 1964-68 kits, ask your sales representative for details.

3/4"DD x 36" 3000409436



Shipping Information

  • Item Requires Shipping
  • 13.8 lbs.
  • W8.0000” x H6.0000” x L44.0000”